Yet more Useful WordPress Plugins

I recently updated my theme and added more useful WordPress Plugins. If you want to know which plugins are running of this Web Designer/Developer blog, you will want to check my recent wordpress plugins posts here and some useful plugins post here. I was thinking of putting up a page for all plugins I use, but never really have the time to compile it together. Maybe sometime later 😀

This week I added a few plugins which will change the look and feel of the blog.

AJAX Comment: Now all comments made on this blog will require no more page refreshes. Demo? Make a comment! 🙂

Author Comment Highlights: I wanted to change the way my comments look on this blog. I have been facing some problems with this plugin, but I will sort it out soon. This is a useful plugins for your blog if you have a lot of commenting activity and want your inputs in the comment section to stand out.

Full Text Feed: I already have a full text feed open for this blog, but if I had to use to more tag for some reason, all my posts will be cut off in the RSS reader, but with this plugin that can be avioded. This seems to be a wordpress bug.

WP-Contact Form: I had this since I started this blog, but due to some server side issues the mails from the form did not reach me. But now I have moved to the new server, so all the mails are now coming to me! Yippe!

What other plugins do you use for your blog? Do share it with me!